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childhood flames


Childhood Flames:

just like flames,

it shines in the inner most part of my eyes, and then

i may as well feel it my heart.

but wait,

this thing called a soul,

it is really real?


just like the scream, that no one responded to.

my youth left me,

just like a breath of air,

to blow out my candles,

just like the scars left on my legs,

just like friends that came and went like

old letters,

trying to find the words

written on pages. 

And this👊

Carrie Mae Weems


Well, first off…Black people don’t have birds as pets. That was my first observation of one specific photo from the Kitchen Table Series, as I circumvented the room with some old white lady who has been critiquing art for more than 40 years. We were previewing Carrie Mae Weems: Three Decades…

Still love this!



I don’t remember what was affecting me when this was written :


Sitting here dreaming of the days,
When you will be here,
Loving me, caressing my hair
And taken over my universe.

So lonely,
Quite honestly,
But, I digress in my state of contemplation.
All I do is think abt possibilities
Of endless moments together.

I dress,
Do my hair,
My makeup
Put on my heels,
Hoping you’d call out my name!

Until you come,
I stay in mg chair,
Brush my hair,
And stAre in my current state of


And heaven looks like this…

"Rarely am I lonely.
My solitude has
its own moon."

Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)

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Scenes from 1963 March on Washington. The march was documented by James Blue and restored by the US National Archives. The *entire film can be seen on the US National Archives Youtube Channel.

*The audio from 23:13 to 29:44 in this film has been redacted due to a copyright restriction by Dr. King’s family

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